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The first app created by Little Smiling Minds is called CountOnForest and is available on the App Store (only italian version) for iPhone and iPad. With CountOnForest the child discovers the world of numbers in an entertaining way: the amount, the difference between large and small, more and less, etc. The many exercises at varying degrees of difficulty lead the child to discover and consolidate his numerical intelligence. Led by the animals of CountOnForest, little ones face fun little tasks, designed to enhance the basic mechanisms of cognition of quantity. By playing the child learns and develops cognitive functions.

Parents can learn to follow their child's progress: the app has an area dedicated to mom and dad, where they can monitor the game level their child has reached and find tips and insights to better help him. A simple scoring system of stars and fun rewards creates for the child a welcoming and effective learning environment.

For more information please write to:

Content math
Age group 3 years and up
Illustrations Elisa Fabris
Voice Michele Comite
Music Vittorio Demarin
Development Ware's Me

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