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Many levels of play, to learn better

The human brain develops continuously and evolves by developing one function after another

The Little Smiling Minds applications contain 7 levels of play at levels of increasing difficulty, necessary to strengthen all aspects involved in the development of numerical intelligence. Every time the child passes a level, he has exercised and strengthened a certain skill, and is ready to move to the next step on the “cognitive ladder”.

A scoring system using stars shows the games played correctly and those to practice again.

Many scenes to strengthen the child's intelligence

Proceeding gradually is essential for learning

From the start of the application your child goes through numerous game scenes, guided by animals who are the protagonists: each scene contains 3 mini-games that work on and consolidate a specific skill. The games in the first applications exercise the 3 processes that define numerical intelligence: the lexical process (saying the numbers), the semantic process (understanding and using quantities) and the syntactic process (introducing children to the “grammar” of numbers).

Follow your child's learning

Neither to leave the child to himself, nor to take his place. You must accompany your child's learning

Parents are the protagonists of the app, along with their child. They can follow their child's progress in a special in-depth area. Little Smiling Minds provides a section, in the website and app, that updates and educates parents on how to better strengthen their child's cognitive functions and learning. In the dedicated area, mom and dad can keep abreast of their child's cognitive progress at the end of each level, learn more about the key concepts of the learning process and be advised on how to support their child in the next steps.