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The most read magazine in Italy with 5.6 million readers, published by Gruner + Jahr / Mondadori SpA, is a landmark of popular science and intelligent entertainment in the Italian publishing panorama.
Today Focus is laid out in a true multi-platform system that, in addition to the monthly magazine and its extended lines, involves the web, social networks, TV and the world of education.

Digital Accademia is a company that operates in the sectors of knowledge management, innovation, corporate training, internal communication, storytelling and education. In the latter context, Digital Accademia has gained unique experience in Italy on the themes of learning through digital instruments: with workshops and courses for children Digital Accademia addresses the educational use of digital content and media.

Professor of Developmental Psychology and Psychology of Education at the University of Padua; Scientific Committee member of the World Academy of Sciences for research into learning disabilities; member of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Education "Italian Law 170 on learning disabilities"; Scientific Director of the Italian Learning Centre, Daniela Lucangeli has always worked with childhood and learning.
Author of several scientific publications regarding cognitive development, in recent years she has devoted herself particularly to the study of the strengthening of numerical cognition.